Tuning Fork Therapy

tuning fork therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy More Reliable Than Acupuncture Needles

Tuning fork therapy are proving more reliable than acupuncture needles for treatment of pain. Have you become aware of restorative tuning fork therapy? Watch this video to learn how tuning fork therapy is more effective than acupuncture needles.

Individuals frequently question how therapists utilize them instead of acupuncture needles … well, let’s simply state they do not stab individuals with them.

Rather, they strike a particular fork (which triggers vibration for around 15-30 seconds) and use the base of the vibrating fork to a particular acu-point (acupuncture point).

Tuning Fork Therapy For Healing Application

Tuning forks for healing are two-pronged acoustic resonators, normally made from flexible metal, such as steel. When struck against a surface area or things, they resonate at a consistent pitch to produce musical tones after the high overtones go out. The pitch of a tuning fork depends upon the mass and length of the two prongs.

A tuning fork is made from an unique aluminum alloy to create various sound frequencies for numerous applications, consisting of healing treatments. A healing tuning fork is an effective tool for moving our energy system’s vibrations. The particles vibrate at various frequencies, which can trigger harshness within and outside the body’s energy field.

With this resonance procedure, tuning forks produce specific frequencies in which the main vibration affects the secondary vibration for them to resonate at a comparable frequency. Tuning forks are utilized for a large range of applications, consisting of restorative healing impacts on the nerve system. Applications vary from body pain relief, relaxation, and invigorating one’s body and state of mind throughout sorrow and anxiety. There are various sort of tuning forks for healing procedures.

Tuning Fork Therapy Advantages History

Tuning forks were developed by British musician John Shore in 1711. Historians record the healing use of tuning forks as far back as ancient Egypt.  The advantages of tuning fork treatment are large range. Precision-calibrated tuning forks are put on particular points on the body to gain access to meridian and chakras systems.

Sound travels 4 times much faster through water than through air. Thinking about the fact that the body is comprised of 65% water, this makes the body a fantastic receptor of resonance. Sound produces vibratory movement, which resonates through our bodies.

This implies that a tuning fork with a particular frequency, put on the body, vibrates at a particular rate. This in turn shows back through the body’s tissues and fluids, triggering them to unwind and decongest. The ability of the therapy remains in understanding where and how to utilize the specialized tuning forks.

How To Use Tuning Fork Therapy For Healing

Each various fork has actually been adjusted to match the natural frequencies of 14 various Meridian lines. Meridian lines are ‘energy veins’. Dotted the whole time these ‘veins’ are energy points called ‘acupoints’ (pressure points). Energy flows through these meridian lines– traveling through acupoints and nurturing the body.

The energy that streams through these meridian lines is called Qi (noticable ‘chi’). When Qi is flowing easily throughout our body, one experiences ideal health. When Qi ends up being obstructed or slows down, discomfort and illness manifests. In order to promote a healthy blood circulation of Qi, particular acupoints require to be promoted. This can be carried out in a range of methods.

Acupuncture utilizes needles
Acupressure utilizes finger pressure
Electro-acupuncture utilizes electrical needles
Moxibustion utilizes heat (burning herbs).
Acu-acoustics utilizes sound frequencies (tuning forks)

With the case of tuning forks, the vibrating frequency integrates the obstructed meridian back to a healthy state. This is integrated with acupressure– as the base of the fork is pushed strongly on the acupoint. This unclogs and promotes a healthy flow of Qi (energy).

Tuning fork sound treatments work in handling lots of illness, both physical and mental disorders. Particular fork sets handle specific issues, as they have their unique sounds. Tuning forks, as a medical treatment, has actually shown efficient in numerous lines of recognized and even unmentioned physical and spiritual problems. Even as these tools are used in different fields, consisting of technological developments, their function in the healing sector can not be disputed.

Why Tuning Fork Therapy For Pain Works

Tuning forks vibrate at a particular frequency when you strike them. Their frequencies can trigger other challenge vibrate in harmony with it … including our body. They do this through a law of physics called entrainment– when one things ends up being entrained with another, they both use up less energy. This is tuning fork therapy at its best.

Many people have actually become aware of the idea of entrainment prior to however not the name of it. Entrainment is specified as “a synchronization of 2 or more balanced cycles”– it’s a law of physics: when 2 things are entrained with each other, they use up less energy. *

It is this phenomenon that triggers:

Female roomies’ menstruations to sync together.
Our heart rate and brain waves entraining/syncing to a stressful or a peaceful environment.
Fireflies that blink together at the same time.
And the resetting of the internal body clock– after a long aircraft flight.

It does not stop at biology. Entrainment occurs with makers too– such as clocks to electrical driers.

Entrainment can likewise be specified within: Physics, engineering, biomusicology, hydrodynamics and likewise brainwaves.

Tuning Fork Therapy Research

Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. DR JOHN BEAULIEU, N.D., Ph.D., is among the primary leaders in noise treatment, research, and development. He acknowledges tuning forks as the very best method to provide restorative noise recovery. Such tuning fork therapy research has proven beneficial for many people.

” Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. When they are appropriately tuned, we have a sense of wellness and best self-expression … When we are in-tune we resemble a string that is extended with the correct amount of stress in order to play the music of life. We are not too tight, and we are not too loose.

Professional athletes and entertainers explain being in tune as a state of extensive inner relaxation throughout carrying out. They are typically described them as “high tuned” or “in the zone”. When we are “in tune” we have the ability to make better options. We have the capability to effectively adjust to the tensions of life providing us much better health and increased health”. *.

Tuning fork therapy utilizes tuning forks to signify the physique, the auric body and the mind’s awareness to interact in healing. Whatever exists has its own pitch or vibration. Due to the fact that we constantly are within reach of other items and individuals, we are continuously in a state of resonance. Resonance is the result of one pitch on another.

Using tuning forks on the body can be made use of to raise its vibration, along with bringing focus to discover balance in between the various vibrations in the physique and the auric body. There are 2 kinds of tuning forks: unweighted forks, which are utilized to resonate with the auric field; and weighted forks, which are used on the body and frequently with the exact same points as acupressure.

Tuning fork therapy likewise deals with the state of relaxation, as the mind and body’s natural healing systems work best when in an unwinded or meditative state. The ideal position for you throughout tuning fork therapy sessions is laying down.

Each frequency represents a various level of mind and spirit awareness. When utilized effectively, these levels of awareness interact towards balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. With these frequencies readily available through tuning fork therapy, and the awareness that other treatments use, the healing heart can assist in healing and change in lots of ways.

Immediate results of tuning fork treatment consist of overall relaxation, experiencing happiness, clear headedness, and meditation by assisting the brain to produce theta waves.

Benefits Of Tuning Fork Therapy

Fabian Maman has actually likewise been a leader in tuning fork treatment– for the last 20 years.

” Precision adjusted tuning forks can be applied to particular acupuncture and acupressure points that access the body’s Meridians of energy. Listening-to and using the forks to the body and above it promotes and stabilizes the body’s subtle energies to promote recovery and inner balance/harmony”. *.

Deal with persistent discomfort and a large range of typical conditions. Some doubters dismiss acu-therapies; pointing out the “placebo impact”. This is where 30% of individuals will be revealed to recover in experiments when provided a sugar pill instead of the “real medication”.  Proof that tuning fork therapy works effectively.

The placebo impact has actually been exposed due to the fact that all kinds of animals– who can’t understand recommendation, likewise react exceptionally well to the recovery homes of acupoint treatment.

Acu-therapies have actually been utilized to deal with a lots of various disorders (for countless years) such as:.

Persistent discomfort
Allergic reactions
Low Immune system
Stress and anxiety and anxiety
Food poisonings
Weight problems
Sciatica and lots more

The body is the best transmitter. Because the body is over seventy percent water and considering that sound journeys 5 times more effectively through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation straight into the body is an extremely effective methods for overall body stimulation. Specifically on a cellular level.

And sound journeys through bone two times as quick as water (that’s 10x faster than sound taking a trip through the air). It is for this reason why listening devices work so well. Listening devices perform sound straight to the cochlea by means of the resonance of the skull– this is due to the fact that bone is such a fantastic noise conductor.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that the ear is linked to an ending of the Vagus nerve (our most extensive nerve) which is straight linked to all our significant organs. The word ‘Vagus’ indicates ‘roam’ since it roams all over the body.  What does this have to do with tuning fork therapy?

When we hear the frequency of a tuning fork; our meridian system attunes to the pitch in similar method as when we discover a pitch for a choir or tune a piano.

Acu-Frequency Tuning Fork Therapy Benefits

Acu-Frequency TM is a digital, structured variation of tuning fork treatment. The frequency of each fork has actually been digitally recorded so it can be bet as long as you like. This provides a user leisure time to focus on using acupressure.

Changing frequencies can be done at the click of a finger– indicating there’s no requirement a set of pricey forks, leading to fast discomfort relief on-the-go.

Electro-acupuncture is the favored acutherapy utilized in healthcare facilities. The mix of electrical power and needles produces a recovery synergy that provides much faster and longer long lasting outcomes.

Since of its intrusive nature, numerous individuals are a little hesitant to provide it a shot. And considering that it includes electrical needles, it’s not something that individuals can use on themselves.

Acu-Frequency TM nevertheless, has actually shown to be a popular, non-invasive option to electro-acupuncture. Like electro-acupuncture, with the mix beteen 2 acu-therapies at the same time (acupressure and acu-acoustics), there’s a synergistic interaction in between them that makes them significantly more powerful than either treatment by themselves.

Tuning Fork Therapy Sessions

There are numerous advantages to going through tuning fork treatment sessions which are necessary for our wellness. Check out even more to discover how it can assist you.

As you can see, tuning fork therapy treatment utilizes various elements of sound to enhance your physical and psychological wellness. How it works or how well it works depends on the approach being utilized. Tuning fork therapy treatment sessions are generally experienced individually with a specifically skilled specialist.

A tuning fork session might include sitting or resting while the sound vibration procedure is performed. Regardless of whether your healing takes location through music, sounds or tools such as a tuning fork, the wide variety of testaments applauding the advantages of tuning fork therapy treatment suggests that sound healing actually does work and can considerably enhance and boost your general way of life and wellness.

And the detailed guidelines make it simple to use … in as low as 3 minutes a day.


Tuning fork therapy may be the pain solution for you. Learn more about tuning fork therapy today.

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